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Thank You to All Who Made This School Year Happen

As the school year comes to a close, many people deserve to be thanked for their contribution to this unique school year. This year could have not been possible without the help of the community as a whole. From making crucial decisions to being understanding, the school body came together during a trying time in the world.

First, a special thanks goes out to Superintendent Allen Perkins and the entire Madison County Board of Education. The school board made vital decisions for the school community in an effort to keep everyone safe. From temporarily closing schools to determining when it was safe to reopen, the board was heavily involved.

Nurses have had one of the biggest challenges this school year. They had to quarantine students as well as come in contact with ill students that needed to be sent home. They put themselves at risk for the community and deserve a huge thank you for their sacrifice. 

Teachers deserve a huge thank you as well for the hard work that has gone into this year. This year was strenuous on trying to adapt to new forms of teaching and new learning platforms. It took countless hours of dedication and perseverance. 

Another special thanks goes out to principal Chris Shaw. Shaw had to make essential decisions on events within the school to help keep students and faculty as safe as possible from COVID-19. He was challenged with a year of many questions from parents and students and was responsible for answering them. 

Lunch ladies had to rise to the occasion with the trials that this year offered. They still provided breakfast and lunches for students every day without wavering. They had to go to each and every classroom to deliver lunch as well as breakfast. They deserve a big thank you for the hard work they put into making meals for students, especially with a raging pandemic taking place the whole year. 

All of these individuals have put countless hours into making this year possible during a time of major uncertainty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing your best to make this school year as normal as it could be.

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