North Alabama Is Being Taken Over By Mini Storage

Photo by Madison Duboise

North Alabama Is Being Taken Over By Mini Storage

Life Storage, Extra Space Storage and Mini Storages, they are everywhere. Everywhere you  turn, you can find a storage unit on almost any road in North Alabama. Whether they are small or large there is one thing you can assume about all storage centers, over half of the units in each have to be empty.

How much extra furniture and items can one person or family possibly have. Like if you do not have space for your items then why could you possibly need them. I feel like the only excuse for having a storage unit is if you have antique furniture or art of value that you wish to store but other than that why are you paying a monthly fee to keep your dusty boxes.

While using a storage unit while moving may be necessary, most people typically just rent a U-Haul or move themselves. The storage unit industry is one that I believe could be abolished if people could just give up stuff they do not need. The amount of storage centers is what angers me most, having multiple in the same town or even the same street makes absolutely no sense.

How exactly do you choose between two centers right next to each other, like what could possibly make one better than the other. It’s a box with a lock, what more could you want from a company? The idea of storage units takes up too much space in North Alabama and too much space in my mind. If you look up storage units on Google Maps you will see an array of dots plastered so close together that you can barely see the map itself any more.

I will never understand why the need for storage units keeps the many businesses afloat but I know one thing for sure, I will never find myself pulling up to a large gate, typing in some random pin number, pulling up to one of hundreds of the exact same looking squares and pulling out a key to grab some old pictures frames I just had to have. It makes no sense.

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