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Sophomore Rileigh Glassman works on a story for the Crimson Crier. Glassman used her time in quarantine finding a new version of herself.

Student Uses Quarantine to Find New Way to Look at Things

At first I was just expecting a long spring break like most people my age. I was excited to get a break from school and have fun. I was not expecting a pandemic. When I realized this was not just an extended spring break, my family had started to quarantine. This was around the time toilet paper was never in stores and people were stocking up on all things. My family was lucky enough to continue work during that time. 


One night I decided that I was going to be all about using this time to find new beginnings. I started working out and trying all kinds of new things. It was fun at first but then became tiring. This lasted for about two weeks then I realized that I don’t have to get my life together right now. With everything going on, me just getting up and out of bed was enough. So I decided to slow down, take a breath, and just be still. 


I changed my hair, found out the style I liked, and got back into guitar. Also during this time I got a job at an attorney’s office. I was a receptionist and I answered calls, welcomed guests, and more. I also reconnected with some old friends (don’t worry I social distanced and wore a mask). I attended a Black Lives Matter protest where my cousin spoke. Hearing him speak so passionately warmed my heart. This time was hard for me. I saw more of the ugly parts of the world. I realized I didn’t want to surround myself with certain people or family members. What I think I really learned from this is what my political stance is and what my morals are. Before this year I didn’t really care about politics and what was going on in that world, but after realizing how the people in charge affect my life and the people around me I started to care and look into it more.


 Weeks later I started my self-love journey and honestly it’s made me so much more happier. I got into crystals recently and have become more spiritual. I feel as though these couple of months have most definitely been about learning. Learning about the good and the ugly of the world, learning about myself, learning about others. Covid has been an eye opener for me. I’m not saying I’m glad we had a global pandemic, but I am glad for the experience. I mean hey, the year’s not even over yet let alone Covid, so I guess you could say I learned a lot from this experience.

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