Sarah Chase

Best Friends Live 1,596 Miles Apart

I met Felicity my freshman year. She was a blue-eyed, blonde-haired cheerleader, so you can only imagine the stereotypes that I was thinking when a mutual friend introduced us. I did not know that she would become one of the most important people to walk into my life. 

We did not instantly click and we can blame high school dating drama for that. But this changed sophomore year. We had the bus to thank for getting closer. Every day she walked on the bus she always had a smile on her face and humor to make sure everyone shared that same smile. Our group including us and our friend Nick thrived every day that year. We shared lots of laughs and memories together. 

Last year we took a school trip to Chicago and we shared a room with two of our other friends ` and before that trip, I did think Felicity was a little irritating. Yes, she was happy every morning, but most mornings I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and my annoyance level was high. During that trip, she helped me realize that happiness is important and it is a wonderful feeling to feel. We shared even more laughs and memories including getting cat-called and getting lost trying to shop. 

After that trip, we talked at school every day until she told me that her step-dad got a new job and they were moving to Arizona. It was sad to hear because my other close friend had also told me that she was moving. It was like I was losing everyone. Two of my best friends were moving away and it felt like the end of the world for me. 

When she left during the summer we did not talk at all. We only talked at school before, but then we never spoke to each other. When junior year started we began to text and Facetime more and it all happened so fast that I can not remember a time where we did not speak to each other every day. Today, we never fail to text each other in all caps “WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BAKEY ”. Even though we had a strong friendship I never expected us to grow this close. 

She has been there for me through all my heartbreak and has never failed to guide me through the times I am feeling more lost than ever. We have cried together and we have laughed together, but most importantly we have grown together. She makes my days a little brighter with every text and call even though most of them are to joke on me. It is nice having a person to call your other half, to be your sister. I honestly do not know what I would do without talking to her every day and I can not wait for her to visit. We have so many future plans together and I can not wait to see what both of us will accomplish. 

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