Lela Rasmussen

Sky Bridge Poses Threat To Students With Gephyrophobia

Imagine your worst fear coming to life, coming to your school. You now have to face this fear on a daily basis and figure out how you are going to overcome this fear. Shortness of breath, sweating,rapid heart rate and panic attacks are all common symptoms of Gephyrophobia: the fear of bridges. 

As we know Sparkman has added many new projects to campus including a track,auditorium and (dramatic music please) a sky bridge. This new sky bridge is not only making me nervous but it has also made me reconsider my class choices and routes. I know that my fear is irrational, modern bridges are made to last. Starting with the material of the bridge to the finishing bolts securing it. There is no reason the sky bridge should fall, but in my head I can not shake the feeling that I will be the unlucky person to cross the bridge and it would so happen to fall.

In the halls you can hear people’s excitement about the sky bridge, no more walking through bad weather. To me the pros do not  outweigh the cons, yes I will not be getting wet, but I would be having to push myself mentally everyday. The worst part about trying to overcome my fear is the suggestions that I get from friends and family. While I understand that they are trying to help statements like “do not look down” and “it’s going to be so pretty” do not help me. My phobia is unreasonable so I can not  solve it with reason unfortunately. 

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