Cherish Hollie

Unspoken Rules Of Using The School Bathroom

Many people have heard of the Golden Rule: treat people the way that you want to be treated, but are these rules abandoned once you leave the house, or when it comes to objects?

Everyone has some type of home training, or at least at this point in their lives they have picked up some general understanding of etiquette when it comes to living life. For example giving a nod to a person walking in the hall, giving the person in front of you space in line and cleaning up after yourself. Students can be heard talking about the condition of the bathrooms. They complain about the tissue and paper towels on the floor and  the people who forget to flush, but forget that their peers are the ones mistreating the bathrooms.There has always been problems with students making messes, but this year the amount of mess students make is never ending. The janitors have had to clean soap from walls, pull underwear and chips from toilets and pick up paper towel and tissue from the floors this school year.

It is no secret that a bathroom upstairs is only unlocked during passing period and students have many questions. To answer a few questions the student body as a whole have disrespected the bathrooms and having them open for a limited time prevents students from being able to make such big messes. In other countries like China students are made to clean the bathrooms daily after school. Because the students are the ones who clean the bathroom they make less mess and treat the bathrooms like their own.

All of this to say that we as a student body need to be mindful about the messes we make around the school, especially because others have taken the responsibility to clean up after us. If we were made to clean the school after hours the school would be kept in a much better condition.

Consider what your mom would say if she saw you throw tissue on the floor. If you have enough respect to keep you bathroom at home clean, have the same respect for the school bathroom.

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