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Despite stores being open on Thanksgiving, the crowds are still rough on Black Friday.

Be Prepared For Anything on Black Friday

Every year, many look forward to Thanksgiving and all that it offers. It offers a lot of food and memories to last. As it turns out, the day following has a completely different vibe and is full of aggression, violence and sweet deals on clothes.

Black Friday originally came to be on Sep. 24, 1869 when the gold market was drastically declining and growing. Later on, many started to call in sick the day after Thanksgiving to get started on early holiday shopping as Christmas was around the corner.

Now, Black Friday is boiled down to nothing more than watching grown adults slap fight like children and sprint around the store like maniacs.There are countless fights an incidents that are a result of some who just really wants that brand new flat screen television for cheap.

Stores like Walmart and Best Buy are notorious for all out chaos on Black Friday. Some may just be casually browsing the isles of their local Walmart looking for something to cook for  dinner and end up in a mock boxing match, all because a person is a little too excited for clearance items. 

Parkway Place Mall is just a recipe for disaster when 100 different stores are put in such a small space. This environment leads to sites like adults stealing toys from children and then karma hitting them like a fist in the face from the mom whose kid’s toy you just snatched.

There is nothing wrong with a day out shopping for good deals, as long as it is done correctly. The correct way to do it is to not resort to trampling pregnant women for the new iPhone. It is best to attempt to steer clear of the ravenous coupon cutters and never go alone. If you go alone, there is no one to save you when you drown in the sea angry shoppers except for luck and  prayer. 

Stay safe outside on a day like this and remember these words in case your are caught in confrontation and your fight or flight response is bouncing like children with caffeine. One last thing to keep in mind is if you do go shopping, a taser would not be a bad investment. There is the possibility that those are also on sale at Walmart.

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