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Taking a break from work, junior Grace Moore gets a quick photo with her friends. Juniors Madi Duboise and Katlyn Dickey worked together at the same Domino’s on Hwy. 72.

Be Kind To Your Pizza Maker, Please

Getting a job is something that typically comes with the “high school experience”. Many teens get a job in food. When I first got my job at Domino’s pizza in December of last year, I was terrified.

I am very much a kid who talks a lot. I am super extroverted and social once I get to know people. However, I was terrified of talking to random adults and even kids my age. What if their pizza is wrong? They always want to be mad at the person helping them, even though the odds are whoever is up front at the register didn’t even make the food.

It always starts the same. Karen comes to the register, orders the most complicated thing possible, and then even when it’s made right, she comes back. I hear all about the cold pizza (that was so hot it near burnt my hands when I handed it to her). Or about how I forgot to put onions on it (even though “There are onions ALL OVER this pizza ma’am.” Yes, this is a direct quote from one of my managers). And she wants to speak to my manager. Oh Karen. Little do you know we work so hard for you.

There are some things people should know when ordering from Domino’s (and most of these apply to all food places). First of all, when you call in to order, and then press 0 to send the call straight through to the store, please do NOT ask what our specials are. We are begging you. The answering machine lists about five or six of them if you would take the time to listen. We also have at least 15 specials going on at almost any given time and are not looking forward to listing them all. And if you are gonna ask us that, at least have an idea of what you want so we can give you a more decisive list of deals. Also, insiders only make $8 an hour. It is known as common courtesy to tip the drivers, and you should. But if you come pick it up remember we do a lot of the work and need money too.

Now, it probably sounds like I hate my job and complain constantly, but actually, I love my job and the people I work with. Customers make me question my need to make money far more often than my actual job ever does. As a general statement, we are all very happy to help our customers, but there are some common courtesies that should be taken into account. We are human beings too and make mistakes just like anyone else, so please be patient with us.

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