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Grocery Store Love

Groceries: we all need them, but there still remains the timeless question. Which grocery store is the best?


The first to be discussed is widely known and quite popular. Publix, that is. Publix has one of the cleanest stores, and can be argued to be the most organized, but one aspect is too often overlooked. Publix’s prices are outrageous. Many of their products of equal quality to competitors is over double the price. Extreme couponers may be able to get their money’s worth, but the average Joe has no business spending small fortunes on mediocre groceries. Despite this, the proximity of Publix’s new location adds a great level of appeal. Perhaps it is worth it to pay a little extra at Publix rather than drive halfway across the county just for groceries.


Next up, Kroger. Kroger has it all: cheap prices, quality groceries, a clean environment, and (most importantly) Starbucks. How can you resist Kroger when you are offered the delight of slurping on your favorite frappe while cruising through the produce section. Also, Kroger offers more coupons and deals, thus lowering the already low prices available. 


Last, but certainly not least, Aldi. I am sure many are not familiar with Aldi as it is not as common as its precursors. Aldi has everything and nothing at the same time. If you go into the store “just browsing”, you’ll come out with arm loads. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something specifically, chances are that its not there. Though what they do have is relatively good, the choices are limited.


So now it’s up to you, which grocery store is your pick?

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