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On Aug. 3, 2019, a shooter entered Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas, shooting and killing 22 people. The shooting has again ignited the discussion of gun control in America.

Anna Herren

On Aug. 3, 2019, a shooter entered Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas, shooting and killing 22 people. The shooting has again ignited the discussion of gun control in America.

Recent Mass Shooting Requires Wal-Mart To Rethink Their Position On Gun Sales

Virginia Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Pulse, Parkland and El Paso. These are just a few of the mass shootings that happen too often in America, yet what is being done to stop them? 

In 1791 the Second Amendment was written giving citizens the right to bear arms, but guns were a lot different than they are now. Average Americans are able to access Army weapons used in war for whatever purpose they deem necessary. Although there are background checks, the President has been on and off on whether to support the action or not. He argued at one point that background checks do not work, which is understandable, but it is better than doing nothing and waiting for the next massacre. Even with background checks, there are an unbelievable amount of loopholes. Gun shows are not required to run background checks on buyers, record the sale or ask for identification, whether at a gun show or another venue. Most mass murders acquire their guns from gun shows. All except one weapon that the Columbine shooters used were bought at the Tanner Gun Show in Colorado. 

The next big debate is whether Wal-Mart should or should not sell guns and ammunition. Because of the tragedies that have occurred at Wal-Mart, the retail chain is taking down signs and displays of violent video games while continuing to sell guns. Guns and weaponry have become such a big part of America’s society that stopping the sales on them seems unattainable, and besides companies love their money. If guns bring Wal-Mart money then they will continue to sell guns to those who want them. 

Wal-Mart is also one of the largest gun retailers in the world. With that being said, this should be an obvious sign that something needs to be done about these recurring shootings and it needs to be done fast. Wal-Mart is the best place to start. If these mass shootings are going to stop then guns need to stop getting in the wrong hands. To do that, guns do not need to be sold. By continuing to sell these weapons, Wal-Mart is saying that they care more about money than the lives of other people. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been saying that for years now. Most would want to believe that the intentions of America are pure. We need to end these massacres, but in order for that to happen the selling of mass murder weapons need to stop. The change begins when the guns are controlled and the people in power prioritize their citizens, which should have happened in 2012 when 20 first graders lost their lives. 

America needs to come a long way to end these mass shootings, but the best thing that can be done is to spread love. Don’t hate on a certain race, gender or sexuality. If there was a lot more love and understanding in this world then a lot more would be accomplished, but until then keep fighting for change and the world will not stay a hateful and fearful place.

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