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Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Mockingjay leaves viewers satisfied

December 15, 2015

The theater falls silent as the lights dim and the movie begins.

The districts are at war with the Capitol and all hell has broke loose. Citizens are being shot down and tossed away as if they are worthless. No one is safe.

Katniss Everdeen [Jennifer Lawrence] is, at first, held in a hospital, but “the mockingjay” is soon unleashed. Limits are pushed to new highs and strings are cut as the Capitol continues to taunt Everdeen with her loved ones. Fury pulses through her veins as she realizes what her people have endured with no one to protect them. Revenge and justice is hot on her mind, and she will not stop until all is fair.

The movie stays close to the book, not straying far from it. Raw emotion is portrayed greatly on the actors’ faces in every new scene and gasps are heard throughout the audience as they become captivated with every unexpected twist and turn.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two is the transition of the childish games portrayed in the previous movies to the stages of maturity in battle and romance. Instead of masking the realities of war, Mockingjay shows the truth by innocent casualties.

Peeta Mellark [Josh Hutcherson] is presented a bigger role throughout the movie that he was not given in the others. Mellark is no longer the innocent bakery boy hunting for love.

Gale Hawthorne [Liam Hemsworth] and Primrose Everdeen [Willow Shields] develop a “take charge” personality more so than any of the other characters. They, at times, may only be briefly shown, but this does not stop the characters from making an impact on the movie.

The author of the book [Suzanne Collins] cleverly uses the ideas of the games as war propaganda for the Capitol. This was not expected to happen at all; I expected the “war” to only be composed of gunshots. But I was wrong. This action movie is complete with a touch of sentimental moments to add to the emotional rollercoaster.

The movie was a little slow but yet rushed in some scenes. There was not particularly enough substance left from where part one ended to fully complete part two, but overall, it was just as satisfying as the others.

The Hunger Games started out as a typical teenage thriller but it has evolved into a deeper meaning with heavier emotion and topics. The Hunger Games has finally grown into what it was expected to be.

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