Crimson Crier Editor in Chief Wins Scholastic Press Poster Competition

Meh’Quira Malone, our very own EIC, will have her design showcased in various classrooms across the country. Congrats Meh’Quira!
Crimson Crier Editor in Chief Wins Scholastic Press Poster Competition
Photo Credit: Meh’Quira Malone

Senior Meh’Quira Malone has won the Scholastic Journalism poster contest. This is just one step in her journey as she is striving to build her portfolio to win the Journalist of the Year award.  

A talented young writer, editor and designer, her creative prowess is definitely flexed in this poster. 

“When I began planning my poster design, my main objective was to convey a sense of unity among journalists, standing together united.  In my poster I wanted to capture the idea that they are here to stay, ready to face any challenges thrown their way,” Malone said. “As the rise of AI leads to the use of automated article writing, I aimed to emphasize the real people behind the stories, without relying heavily on showcasing technology.” 

With a broad skill set, she was trusted by her classmates and her adviser Erin Coggins to make a contest winning poster. To no one’s surprise, she rose victorious in the contest. 

“My adviser, Mrs. Coggins, brought the poster design contest to my attention along with the other designers in the classroom at the time.  Being more involved in design my junior year, particularly with the magazine, I saw this as a fun opportunity to test my skills and see if I could make it through the rounds, and hopefully win,” Malone said.

As she is in her third year of journalism, it turned out that this field was one of her strong points.  Combining her own hard work ethic, proactiveness and good attitude she was able to thrive in the environment from when she began. 

“During my sophomore year of high school, I initially thought I signed up for yearbook, but it turned out to be journalism.  I decided to stick with it because I am always open to new experiences,” Malone said. “My first story was about my teacher who provided free healthcare to underprivileged communities.  From there I continued looking for heartwarming stories and had the chance to interview the mother of Aniah Blanchard about Aniah Law.  The more I wrote, the more I fell in love with journalism, which merged beautifully with my passions for sports, photography, and writing.”

Also having won previous awards like ASPA’s first place sports category, national second place in news writing with Aniah’s Law and others, she is still excited to have her work displayed and be able to connect with other students.

“I am thrilled that my poster will be showcased in classrooms for scholastic journalism week. It is a big accomplishment for me, not only for the recognition but also because it presents an opportunity to connect. Words can not fully express the excitement and thoughts that raced through my mind when I found out I won,” Malone said.

The poster will be used for the 2024 National Scholastic Journalism Week. It will be posted on all the social media platforms, curriculum and other materials distributed for the week long celebration. Malone received $500 for her first place finish.

“As always, Meh’Quira has made me proud. The entire scholastic journalism community will know her work come February,” Coggins said. “She is going to do awesome things.”

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