HOCO Plans Set For Next Week

SGA Adds New Dress Up Days for Homecoming
HOCO Plans Set For Next Week
Photo Credit: Aleena Nguyen

Homecoming will be here before we know it.  In the week leading up to homecoming SGA is sponsoring a spirit week, football game, tailgate and spirit wear. The football game will be Sept. 22, at Senator Stadium.

The game will take place after a three hour tailgate in the parking lot surrounding the stadium. The tailgate will be 4-7 p.m. and students can expect  food, drinks, music and good memories.    

“I’m excited for the tailgate because this is the first time Sparkman has done something like this since I’ve been here. I’m excited for the food, drinks and good memories that will be made,” senior JaLa Blackwell said.            

Spirit week is the week before the dance, including themes like anything but a backpack, cancer warriors, throwback Thursday and Sparkman gear.

“I love our spirit week themes,” sophomore Callum Webster said. “I’m planning on bringing my nephew to school for anything but a backpack day, and I like our other themes because they show spirit.”

The dance will be held Sept 23 at Trash Panda Stadium. The price for a ticket is $45, and the  theme is ‘Night In Miami’.

“I’m so glad (the dance) is at Trash Panda Stadium because last year in the (school) gym was iffy at best and I’m just happy to be back at the stadium,” junior Evan Mcguire said.

Homecoming this year is bound to be a good one, and there is already much hype surrounding it. Spirit week, tail gates and the fun theme is setting the dance up for success. 

“I can’t wait for my senior year homecoming. I’m going with my friends and it’s going to be really fun,” senior Mackenzie Watford said.

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