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Speaking to Mrs. Hickmans English class, Deputy Keith Bowman shares his experiences as a law enforcement officer. Bowman, along with Deputy Trayvon Ragland, answered questions posed by students on how they have encountered racism in their lives.

New SRO Makes Connection With Students

A brand new face in the halls of high school is not uncommon throughout the course of a school year, even amongst the staff. In January Sparkman got a hold of a brand new SRO, Keith Bowman, who several of the students are fascinated with upon his arrival. 

In a short time, Deputy Bowman has already developed himself a fanclub. However, many students do not know who he is, or what his past was like before roaming the halls.

Before roaming our halls, Bowman actually taught high school for a year. He even worked at a college. He says that he always had a passion for young people, high school students, specifically. Though first impressions were rocky, it turned around.

“I heard some things about you guys before coming here, I have heard some interesting things, some things were bad, but once I got here you guys were not as bad as they said you would be,” Bowman said.

People come from all walks of life and different experiences, Bowman, not being from Huntsville, has experienced a numerous amount of different things from where he has grown up, to lead him to where he is today. 

“I am from Washington D.C. My dad was in the military and we moved a lot as a kid, but most of my life was spent in Northern Virginia,” Bowman said.

Even though he lived in D.C., Bowman was not allowed to go vist the Pentagon. Bowman says that it would be easier for a regular pedestrian, like us, to go tour the White House before he would because they like outsiders more than the actual locals.

An SRO by definition is a sworn law enforcement officer responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools to create a safer learning environment for the students of the school, but that is not the only thing Bowman strives to do at Sparkman

“I am not just here to take everyone to jail, if you have any questions, or anything we are here to help you out. We are not all that scary as what you think we are,” Bowman said

Society has a different outlook on the problems that are plaguing high school students today. Whether it be stress, sleep deprivation or overall safety, Bowman has his own outlook on the matter and something that goes hand and hand with his own goal of having conversations with students.

“You guys are really on your phones, really anti-social for the most part. It is true you guys have social media, but it makes you less, even when I say hi to you guys in the hallway, you guys look down and do not say anything,” Bowman said. 

Bowman believes that the solution to this is just to talk to people. He says that life is not about being all cooped up in our phones, you have to talk to people. He says that public speaking is something that everyone will do at some point in our lives. 

Though his time here has been fairly short, Bowman already has left a positive impression on some of the students of the school through his conversation and inviting personality.

“He is very approachable, he gives off a vibe that makes it very easy to start a conversation with, he is inviting and kind when speaking to him,” junior Meme Malone said.

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