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Photo Credit: Illustration by Autumn Gollop

Valentine’s Day: Cry Me A Cockroach

Valentine’s Day seems to be all about being in love, but what about the single people who see love as a nasty little cockroach? Well San Antonio Zoo thinks they deserve to have a little fun too with their annual Valentines Day fundraiser called Cry Me a Cockroach. 

Cry Me A Cockroach helps the heartbroken singles feel better while funding San Antonio Zoos mission for a future for wildlife. With this fundraiser they offer three different options depending on what level of heartbreak the person is feeling. You can either name a veggie, a cockroach or even a rodent after someone you just don’t like to show them exactly how you feel about them. Each option has a different price, the veggie is 5$, the cockroach is 10$ and the rodent is 25$. This offers a variety of pettiness for the buyer to choose from. Whether they want to be more tame and name them after a harmless veggie or they have no remorse and decide to name them after a rodent. Whatever they choose, their not special someone gets a digital valentines card that informs them of what they have been named after along with a personalized message from the buyer. 

If that’s not enough, viewers even can tune in to their social media pages on instagram or tik tok and watch the veggies, cockroaches and rodents being fed to the animals live, you could even send the link to the live stream to the person you named the veggie, cockroach or rodent after just for an extra slap in the face. 


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