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Club Preview: Key Club

The Crimson Crier: How are you affiliated with Key Club? 

Jessey Graves: I have been the sponsor since 2015.


CC: What is Key Club?

Jessey Graves:An international service organization.  It is the high school level of Kiwanis Club. 


CC: What could a student expect to do if they joined Key Club? 

Jessey Graves: To volunteer in our community and meet new friends that like to make an impact in their community.


CC: What activities do you have planned for this year? 

Jessey Graves: Assisting Kiwanis Club of Huntsville with their pancake breakfasts.  Working at the Dog Fair on Monte Sano Mountain, Volunteering at Botanical Gardens for special events, We also volunteer at the Early Works and Constitution Village in Huntsville.  There are times we collect items and donate them to the House of the Harvest and the Manna House.


CC: What are your goals for the year? 

Jessey Graves: My goals are to find new volunteer partnerships in our county, or closely surrounding areas.  I would also like to set up a yearly event where we do something for our teachers (like provide breakfast or lunch or desserts).


CC: What office positions do you have? 

Jessey Graves: We have four officer positions.  We will elect officers at the end of this month or beginning of next month.


CC: What is your favorite part of Key Club? 

Jessey Graves: Seeing students give selflessly of their time and energy.


CC: How do you think Key Club impacts the community? 

Jessey Graves: I think any time people do things out of the goodness of their heart and spread kindness, it positively impacts the community. 


CC: What would you tell a student who is interested in joining the club?  

Jessey Graves: I tell them the requirements concerning the number of volunteer hours, the types of volunteering that counts toward those hours.


CC: How do you join Key Club?  

Jessey Graves: Fees can be paid through myschoolfees during the first 45 days of the school year.  The fees cover our district dues, international dues, and cover the cost of the club T-shirt.

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