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Photo Credit: Will Griffin

The student section poses for a photo in their game theme wear.

Q & A: Student Section Leader Carter Wells

Crimson Crier(CC): Who all “runs” the student section?

Carter Wells(CW): Me and some of the baseball players run it and a couple of other people.

CC: How was it decided that you would help run the student section?

CW: It got passed down to me from the people who ran it last year.

CC: Why did you want to be a part of running it?

CW: It is fun to do and it gets me more involved in school sports.

CC: What does “running it” consist of?

CW: Showing up to games, being a leader, posting on the student section account.

CC: How do you guys make the decision for the theme of the student section?

CW: We come up with a couple ideas then we vote.

CC: How do you include the student body in your decisions? If you don’t, why not?

CW: We somewhat do, we have a group of people that decide. That is what they’ve also done in past years.

CC: How do you come up with ideas for the themes of the games?

CW: Past year themes, or if we have any new ideas.

CC: How do you plan to make the section more hype in future games?

CW: By getting everyone more involved in chants, themes, etc.

CC: Do you plan to actually enforce the rule of “seniors in the front,” if so how?

CW: Yes, just by enforcing it more.

CC: What themes do you save for “bigger games” and why?

CW: White out, Black out, the more common ones because they are more popular.

CC: What cheer that you call makes the rest of the students the most hype?

CW: The I believe that we will win chant.

CC: What is one thing you would like to say to the rest of the students in the student section?

CW: Respect the seniors, this is out last year and the underclassman will have more years. Also respect the people in your class. We are all there to watch and cheer on our team and have a good time.

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