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Club Preview: FCA Shares Their Faith

The Crimson Crier: What is your club and when was your first meeting?

Eli Loo: I am President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). In this club, we worship, pray, listen to a message and strive to spread the Gospel throughout our school. We held our first meeting on August 10.

CC: What are some activities you have done in the club so far?

Loo: We had a lot of food brought in, and we have lots of good times in fellowship just hanging out. For games, we have played cup jousting and different variations of rock paper scissors tournaments. We are looking forward to playing many more games of all varieties, and almost every week we have a student leader bring the Word accurately in the meeting.

CC: How does a normal meeting operate and what can someone expect to happen when they come to a meeting?

Loo: A normal meeting changes depending on the week. Either we have worship (with guitars) then we transition to announcements and a student-led message. Or we have a game or two followed by announcements and a student-led message. Both ways we meet, hang out for a while, open with a prayer then begin the fun.

CC: How many students have attended so far?

Loo: We have had over 65 students attend thus far. 

CC: How is the club different from last year, what are some improvements you have made?

Loo: The club this year is run similarly as last year but with a few adjustments. We have a larger leadership team with even sophomores represented. The club is generally larger and more vocal which is awesome. I think the biggest difference is the inclusion of way more sophomores which will definitely continue to benefit the club in the future.

CC: Who is the leadership team, and what special responsibilities do they have?

Loo: The leadership team is not any special group of people. We are not any different than you. The leadership team just plans all the meetings beforehand and makes it happen. We bring in food when we need it. We care about the people at the school and want to reach out to the school through prayer, words and fun.

CC: How do you plan activities?

Loo: The leadership team has a monthly meeting where we plan each month in advance. We also have a group chat for any quick changes and reminders. The monthly meetings are outside of school-location and times

CC: How does the group communicate and send updates?

Loo: The leadership team has a separate group chat to plan with. We also have a groupme with everyone in the club that we send out polls for games, reminders, announcements and information about our upcoming meeting. And while a good bit of communication within the club is on the group chats, I will also note that a lot of information is spread by word of mouth.

CC: What are some activities you have planned for the future?

Loo:  Some planned activities we have are more food and fellowship days. We also are planning with many local church youth ministers to have them come in and preach. We are looking forward to an outside of school worship session and the upcoming See you at the Pole Day.

CC: What do you hope to accomplish this year in the club?

 Loo: We hope to bring the Gospel to many, many people at our school. But even if God genuinely changes just a single person’s life to know Jesus through our actions, then we have done amazing. Practically, I want the club to grow way bigger and fill the bleachers. I want us to have fun, and I want the Word of God to be spread accurately because that is the real importance.

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