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Photo Credit: Renee Quiafe

The lit mag staff takes a bow after their showcase on May 25.

Lit Mag Staff Showcases 2021 Magazine

The Literary Magazine held their annual Silhouette Showcase on Monday, May 25 in the new auditorium. Staffers presented their work for an audience of 50 to highlight the 2o21 magazine.

The Crimson Crier sat down with adviser Renee Quaife and editor Elizabeth Corbett to see how the showcase went.

CC: What is the purpose of the Showcase? 

Quaife: One of the best things about Lit mag is that it gives students the opportunity to share their creative endeavors. And showcase is a time for them to be on stage and share their talents with their friends and family.

CC: What do you appreciate most about this event every year?

RQ: I appreciate how the silhouette staff work so hard to make it a successful night and how encouraging they are to the other students. 

CC:  What was the theme of this year’s magazine and what do you like most about the theme?

RQ: The theme is stolen time. Over the last year everyone has had to deal with changes and how much time we have to do our normal lives. And how so much has been disturbed over the last year and opportunities and experiences of memories and that’s that time for those things will be lost, gone, and stolen.

CC: How has planning for this event will make you feel that it’s finally coming out after all the hard work you’ve put into it? 

Corbett: Well, I feel quite excited and a little relieved the book is finally put together. It was an interesting journey putting it together and sure we had our ups and downs, but we made it through pretty strong. It was my first year of Lit Mag and my last year of High School but I really enjoyed this year. 

CC: What was the best part of this event students that staffers got to experience?

Corbett: The best part of the event in my opinion is the students being able to show off the work they’ve done and feel accomplished. I’m very proud of everyone who worked with me on this Lit Mag and the students who submitted. 

CC: How did this event will really help the magazine shine? Why do you think this event is so special?  

Corbett: The event gives people a little inside look at our book and makes them want to buy one for themselves. And it encourages others to submit for next year’s Lit Mag. 

CC: What is the number one thing that makes you excited about the lit Mag showcase?    

Corbett: In all honesty the one thing that makes me excited about this event is just being there with all my fellow artists and writers and sharing with everyone and to have fun. Everyone should be proud of themselves for all the hard work they put into their poems, stories, art, and photography.

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