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Final Exam Schedule Set

Finals are fast approaching so make sure you know when they are. The schedule is as follows.

For underclassmen (grades 9-11) finals start next Tuesday, May 25. Tuesday will be an E-learning day but do not forget to take your finals for blocks 1A and 2A. Wednesday, May 26 will be a full day of school and have finals for 3B and 4B. Thursday, May 27 will be a half day and students will be dismissed after second block. Students will go to third and fourth block on this day.

The finals on Thursday will be for blocks 3A and 4A. Friday, May 28 will also be a half day for finals 1B and 2B. Students will go to first and second block on this day.

To be successful, make sure to start studying, get a full night of sleep before your finals, and eat a healthy breakfast the mornings of your exams.

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