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Photo Credit: Photo by Anh Nguyen

English teacher Monica Davis demonstrates how she teaches and grades from her bike.

English Teacher Keeps Healthy While Teaching

CC: Why did you decide to start exercising while teaching?

Davis: I have a tough time sitting still for a long time, and I am packing on some pounds. What better way to solve two problems than with one solution? I bought the stationary bike and looked at it for a long time; now it is moving some.

CC: What kind of exercises are you doing?

Davis: I use the stationary bike when I have work to do on the computer and I do some desk push-ups. I love to walk, so I will do a “security sweep” of the hallways.

CC: How does it benefit you?

Davis: It fills my time with productive movement and helps me stay put and stay focused.

CC: What do you hope to accomplish by exercising and teaching?

Davis: I would love to lose some of the tonnage I have accrued over the quarantine. I would also like to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.

CC: How do you think it impacts your students?

Davis: I keep my door open, so when I will look up sometimes, and there are kids looking in to see if I am exercising. I hope it motivates them to adopt a healthier lifestyle and get out from behind a screen or even when you are in front of a screen you can get moving.

CC: How long do you plan to keep exercising while teaching?

Davis: I will do this as long as I am here. I have always enjoyed working out.

CC: What do you enjoy about it?

Davis: I love giving my all to something; just leaving everything there on the floor or on the bike. There is such a feeling of accomplishment when you do that.


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