Senior Speaks About Working During Pandemic

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Senior Speaks About Working During Pandemic

Many students have planned and practiced endlessly to have just a little more independence and finally get a job, only to have a wrench thrown in their plans by the advancement of the COVID-19. Senior Dominik Holloway, however, believes that people shouldn’t give up on their search just yet.

Over the course of the pandemic, Holloway has diligently applied for job opportunities until one of them landed: now, his work has paid off and he’s comfortably employed at Panera Bread as a sandwich and salad maker.

“I was cautious but still wanted to keep applying as much as I could,” Holloway said. “When I got accepted, I felt excited because I wouldn’t be stuck at home all day.”

With an already unusual school year, the idea of balancing anything else on top of it is enough to turn away anyone on the hunt for jobs. With a schedule that meshes well with his school schedule, however, Holloway has found a way to expertly navigate both.

“It’s not that difficult to balance everything,” Holloway said. “I normally get homework done in my study hall so I don’t have much to worry about.”

Holloway noted that not much had differed from his expectations of the job interview; the only change was the addition of masks as he and his potential employer sat across from each other. Once the interview had finished and he’d gotten the job, more restrictions were made apparent: employees must check their temperatures and the building was only allowed a limited number of people.

“I believe the rules are being enforced properly,” Holloway said. “Everyone I know of is checking their temperature and doing everything correctly.”

All of these rules were made for not only the consumers’ safety, but the employees’ as well. Employers are doing everything in their power to ensure that business can function properly, and that means that not all hope is lost for the once-abandoned job search.

“I feel like students should do what they are comfortable with,” Holloway said. “It’s a dangerous time to be surrounded by people, so do what you feel is best for yourself.”



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