Isabel Pollard

Seniors Elanor Stokes and Bailey Abernathy participate in the annual See You at the Pole event.

Students Gather for Anniversary of See You at the Pole

Last Wednesday morning students gathered together around the flagpole instead of in front of the school doors.

This year was the 30th anniversary of See You at the Pole which started when a group of teenagers in Texas had the idea to pray for their school and the students after attending a weekend at DiscipleNow. They sparked a worldwide movement and now students in all 50 states participate every year.

Senior Sarah Taylor first heard about See You at the Pole in 6th grade and she immediately felt that God was calling her to bring it to the Madison County schools and has been helping organize the event.

“I absolutely fell in love with the fact that I can gather with students that I know and do not know  and we can all get together and lift up prayers to the God we all serve,” Taylor said. “It has created such community and unity in the school. It has impacted me in so many different ways each year. I think it is so important for our schools to have outlets where students can and express and grow in their faith. Prayer is so essential and it is so amazing to be able to pray for the students who we walk the halls with every day.”

They started the event by singing some worship songs then gathered around the flagpole to pray, typically students hold hands but due to regulations students followed social distancing guidelines. Each person takes turns praying on whatever was on their heart. At one point senior Bradon Hall played the worship song, Reckless Love on his guitar and the group began singing together.

“The fact that we have the right to religion, we have the right to be able to worship our Creator, is so important to me,” Hall said. “We can go into our schools and share the eye opening truth on the Bible, it is so amazing and is truly a blessing.”

Even with the late start to the school year and the regulations due to COVID-19 the students still managed to organize the event with a normal turnout. The group felt as if there was nothing including Coronavirus that could deter their praising and worshipping.

“It is so incredible that we get to express our beliefs freely in a public school. So many people in other countries would be imprisoned or killed for even owning a Bible or saying they were a Christian; that absolutely breaks my heart.” Taylor said. “It really puts into perspective how incredible it is that we can do that freely. I want us as students to be able to use the freedom we have, know how to do it and have opportunities to step out in boldness for our faith.”



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