Cast For West Side Story Announced


Photo by Kaitie Horton

Sophomore Matt Brown takes a break after his audition. The school musical will be performed Feb. 28- March 1.

Auditions for the theater’s upcoming production of West Side Story took place two weeks ago and casting has been posted.

There are 75 students total in the cast, 19 offstage chorus and 22 people in tech making, resulting in 116 total students creating the musical.

Theatre students really bring joy to many people in the school. We go to watch their performances all the time but when do we ever say “Who are you as a person?”

Out of 51 votes taken on in a recent poll, 25 of the cast have never been in a musical before and 26 have experience being in a musical. Out of 54 votes taken, 31 are seniors, 13 are juniors, five are sophomores and five are freshman.

The students are happy with performing such a staple in the musical theater world. The story is compared to a modern-day “Romeo and Juliet” with two feuding gangs.

“Rehearsal has not started yet, but I’m so excited to start working on this new project” junior Destiny Cade said.

The two leads for the musical are senior David Dyer as Tony and junior Brady Hauglie as Riff.

Those who are new to doing musicals here at the school are very excited about performing. Being at a new school and performing for the many students attending the school.

“This is my first musical here at Sparkman and I am actually looking forward to this experience and new journey in my life,” sophomore Azlyn Miller said.