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Homecoming Royals Share Their Experience of Being Crowned

Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe

Homecoming Royals Share Their Experience of Being Crowned

How does it feel to hold the title of Sparkman’s Homecoming King/Queen? 

  • Saylor Cuzzort (Queen): “It is an absolute honor to be crowned homecoming queen. I am so thankful for the opportunity and privilege to represent Sparkman High School.”
  • Damien Fletcher (King): “It’s definitely an honor and a privilege to be Sparkman’s homecoming king. Especially out of however many boys that are in my class to be nominated then ultimately winning is something that I’ll appreciate for a while.”


How was the experience leading up to Friday night’s announcement of who had won? 

  • Saylor Cuzzort (Queen): “Homecoming week was full of memories that will last a lifetime. I got to spend the week representing the class of 2020 with 4 of the most deserving girls and 5 of the most outstanding guys. From taking an endless amount of pictures to laughing until we couldn’t breath and planning outfits I could not have asked for a better group to spend this week with.”
  • Damien Fletcher (King): “My experience was fun yet stressful. Fun in the sense that I was able to dress up and being on homecoming court, etc. however stressful in the sense that I had to buy outfits so I could look decent now that I was on homecoming court.”


How did you prepare for this experience?

  • Saylor Cuzzort (Queen): “Walking across the field Friday night I was not expecting to win. I knew whoever was chosen would represent Sparkman High School in the highest regard and was genuinely happy for whoever’s name they would call.”
  • Damien Fletcher (King): “I didn’t necessarily prep in a sense but I did try to stay humble about the situation and accept that there wasn’t going to be a chance that I would win and enjoy what was granted to me. There were a lot of capable candidates and no matter who won or who didn’t it was all based upon who was most respecting and deserving and again anyone of those guys (chase, miles, Khalil and Jordin) could have easily fit those categories.”


Why is this experience important to you?

  • Saylor Cuzzort (Queen): “As I made my way off the field and into the bleachers Friday night, I ended up sitting near a little girl who kept talking to her mom about my crown. After I finished taking pictures she came up to me with wide eyes and the biggest grin and said, ‘Woah you’re the queen.’ This little girl, I came to know as Abby, continued to sit next to me and talk to me like the plastic arrangement on my head was something more than it was. Seeing her eyes fixate on it once more, I asked if she wanted to try it on. She obviously said yes while she shook with excitement as I handed her my flowers and placed the crown on her head. In that moment I realized that it’s not how many titles you earn or how many bullet points you have on your resume, it is what you do with every opportunity to make someone else’s life just a little better. At the end of the day, homecoming queen won’t get me anywhere but being able to make a little girls night was enough.” 
  • Damien Fletcher (King): “It’s always nice to know that your peers, the people you’ve grown up with and known for the majority of my teenage life, has that level of appreciation for me and I’m just really blessed to have everyone in my life.”


What does being queen/king mean to you?

  • Saylor Cuzzort (Queen): “Being voted homecoming queen means the world. The choice was definitely not an easy one to make but I am absolutely honored Sparkman chose me to represent them.”
  • Damien Fletcher (King): “Being homecoming king means to basically just be a likable have the respect and appreciation from your classmates.”


What went through your head when they announced the winner?

  • Saylor Cuzzort (Queen): “Damien being one of my best friends, when they called his name for king I was immediately so excited. Everyone was cheering so loud I didn’t even know I had won until my dad hugged me and nudged me to walk towards the middle of the field.”
  • Damien Fletcher (King): “Before the announcement I was thinking of all the capable reasons as to how the other guys up for nomination could’ve won; cause no matter the outcome everyone is as deserving or even more deserving as the next person and just cause I won, doesn’t mean that I’m any better than any of the other guys that were on that field or not on the field.”


How did you celebrate your win?

  • Saylor Cuzzort (Queen): “Celebrating was just with an abundance of hugs from family, the sweetest of friends and taking off my wedges.”
  • Damien Fletcher (King): “Well I can say that I took a lot of pictures after the fact. Mostly I just did my normal and hung out with friends, ordered food and all that; plus I prepared myself for the dance because I was ready to turn up.”

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