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Student Sits Down with Katherine Pohly for Inside Scoop

Student Sits Down with Katherine Pohly for Inside Scoop

CC: Have you always had an interest in teaching? 

Mrs. Pohly: My chemistry teacher in high school inspired me, but I didn’t want to spend my whole life in school. I was then again inspired by my college professor so I decided to follow the teaching pate. 


CC: What is your biggest inspiration? 

Mrs. Pohly: The middle school teacher of David Scott, the famous astronaut. The teacher told him about the feather drop experiment that started his career. 


CC: What Drives You to keep teaching? 

Mrs. Pohly: When students have those light bulb moments in class showing me that they get the material. 


CC: What helps you get ready for a class? 

Mrs. Pohly: Having those last few minutes of class to clear my mind and refocus on the tasks that need to be completed during class, and having that AO time as well. 


CC: How do you react to students who don’t like chemistry? 

Mrs. Pohly: Trying to change students’ mindset with different techniques like more hands-on activities. 


CC: Do you think teaching is a stepping stone? 

Mrs. Pohly: No I like teaching, I have worked in research at Hudson Alpha and I didn’t like that. I know I don’t want to work in administration. 


CC: How did you deal with your toughest class in High School 

Mrs. Pohly: Gave it 100 percent effort when not getting something on the first try. 


CC: Favorite food and why? 

Mrs. Pohly: I like Mexican food because of queso. 


CC: Fun Facts about yourself? 

Mrs. Pohly: I have two dogs named after the scientists Watson and Mosley. My husband and I are trying to be foster parents.

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