Junior’s love for Animals Shows in Art

Juniors love for Animals Shows in Art
Photo Credit: Vee Lewis

Several students have different types of talents, whether that be sports or singing. One of these many talents though includes Junior J.J. Lohof who likes to draw and paint, specifically cats and dragons.

Lohof has always been interested in art, which he always does during his free time. 

“I love doing art,” Lohof said. “I do a mix of digital, paper and painting art. Pretty much whatever I feel.”

Lohof uses his personal life as a guide for his art, owning four cats between him and his sister. Their cats Stewart, Spencer, Sonic and Winchester are all Lohof’s muses for his drawings of cats.

“My cats are my inspiration for a lot of my drawings,” Lohof said. “Two of them are brothers and they love to cuddle so I draw many of those moments.” 

Lohof’s love for animals continues through his love of dragons, especially night furies such as the character Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, his favorite movie. Lohof is also involved in an online community of artists and other dragon lovers.

“Most of my friends are dragon nuts so most of my art is based on night furies,” Lohof said. “Some people ask me to make art for them and sometimes I do commissions.

Lohof said that the support from his friends inspires him to continue doing art and possibly think about doing art as a type of business.

“I like to do art for fun and I’d probably do it as a side gig after graduation,” Lohof said.

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