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Teacher-Led Bible Study Inspires Students

The Jacks on Hwy 53 has been a morning staple for students, pulling through the drive thru before school, meeting friends early before a mock exam for ACT test day. At 8 a.m. on any given school day you can find herds of students waiting in lines to get their morning fix or iced coffee or a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit. Every Friday morning in the back corner booth you can find much more than a couple friends and their breakfast. 

Bring Your Bible to School has become a popular event many students participate in. Teacher Sarah Cotter had several students bring their Bible.This was something Cotter was very surprised to see how many students shared her love for Christ. She took the opportunity to ask a student if she would be interested in an off campus Bible study. The student said absolutely to Cotter’s surprise and so began “The Breakfast Club”.

“The Lord placed the idea for an off campus Bible study on my heart. I began praying for The Lord to place an opportunity in front of my face if He wanted me to do this,” Cotter said. “From that moment, I knew that the Lord placed these students in my class for me. It is amazing to see Christ work.” 

The Breakfast Club is a group of students along with Cotter who meet on Friday mornings at Jacks to have a place where they can freely speak and grow deeper in their faith. Their group consists of students from different backgrounds who share a common passion of learning more about Christ and how the Bible relates to daily life. Junior Sarah Taylor has been majorly impacted by this group and is deeply dedicated just like Cotter to spread God’s Word.

“It is really encouraging that a teacher is brave enough to lead students in faith based discussion and expressing their faith,” Taylor said. “I feel like we have all been able to really connect as a group with our teacher and relate on such an important belief.” 

Before school got out they were going through the book of Genesis and discussing how it identifies with them and how to apply the information to their daily lives, the group uses the information and discusses how they can share their faith with others and how their actions speak loudly to non believers. They want others to know they have a true purpose.  

“I definitely want to continue on this journey and see Jack’s fill up with students wanting to grow in their faith. I do not know how it will work during the summer or next school year, but it will still be taking place,” Cotter said. “Anyone is welcome to come and I pray that we will completely fill every seat in Jack’s,+studying the word.”

The Breakfast Club has become more than just a small Bible study for its members. Growing with each other in their faith they strive to show others their faith and willingness to grow. Sharing Christ with her students has deeply inspired Cotter. 

“It is amazing how many students choose to get up early on Friday mornings to meet with me and read and study the Bible,” Cotter said. “They choose to take time out of their day to grow and learn how to show their faith with others and I am honored to lead such an inspiring group of students.”

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