Sophomore Shows Off Her Perfume Collection

Braley Foust displays her vast collection of perfumes and lotions in her bedroom.
Braley Foust displays her vast collection of perfumes and lotions in her bedroom.
Photo Credit: Braley Foust

Some people like to collect different variations of things, some people collect rocks, or maybe clothes, some people even collect cars. People collect things to maybe benefit them or they collect things just because they look cool to that person but for sophomore Braley Foust she collects to smell good.

Foust has a large collection of perfumes with the total cost being over 1,000 dollars.

¨I have the most Bath and Body Works products out of my collection but that’s mostly because I bought all of those before really launching my full interest in my collection,” Foust said. ¨I also have lots of designer and celebrity perfumes as well.”

The look and smell of items are important when it comes to this collection. Having unique bottles and smells that stand out from the rest are things that Foust mostly looks for in her collection. She always has a perfume for every event, season of the year and every place she visits.

¨When looking at perfumes, I mainly focus on the smell but I also focus on the bottle. If the smell is good but the bottle is boring or just ugly I wont get it,”  Foust said. ¨I always look for really pretty bottles and I also really like floral scents.¨

Foust says it’s nice to change it up everyday so you never get bored of one smell.

¨I feel like perfumes are kind of just like an everyday thing just like clothes and some outfits you put on make you feel really good about yourself and I feel like perfumes do the same thing,” Foust said. ¨Mixing good outfits with goof perfumes really boosts your confidence and I feel like that’s why I like to collect them so much.”

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