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Photo Credit: Lauren Stallworth

Sophomore Shares Love of Shoes

When it comes to the latest shoe trends, teenagers are usually one of the first to get a head-start on collecting them. Before people can get a look at the shoe online, they are already sold out. When it comes to sophomore Lauren Stallworth, she does not miss the opportunity. Stallworth has collected over 70 pairs of shoes within the past two years, all from different brands.

Stallworth started her shoe collection in eighth grade when she only had 10 pairs and did not get the most positive responses about her shoes. 

“People in middle school would bully me for my shoes,” Stallworth said. “But having those 10 pairs built my shoe confidence.”

When Stallworth’s dad noticed that Stallworth liked shoes, that was when the growth of her collection began. 

“Once my dad recognized I was just as in love with shoes as he is, he just started buying them for me,” Stallworth said. 

With the help of her dad and her sense of style, Stallworth started building her collection, with every outfit needing a different shoe. Stallworth said she is not biased when it comes to shoe brands, her collection varying from Nikes and Jordans to Converse and Vans.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time I’m wearing a different pair every day,” Stallworth said. “I’m always looking for a new pair from different brands.”

As Stallworth continues to collect a new pair of shoes nearly every week, she runs into the problem of finding a neater way to store them.

“I’m quickly running out of room for all of them,” Stallworth said. “When I first started, I would just keep them in my closet, but now they’re all stacking on top of each other.”

Though keeping her shoes neatly stored is an ongoing issue, Stallworth said that she still enjoys collecting them. 

“I felt free with my first 10 pairs,” Stallworh said. “Now seeing those 10 go to over 70 makes me feel even happier.”

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