Lana Del Rey comes to Huntsville

Lana del Rey performs stunning concert on Sept. 21, 2023 alongside talented dancers and angelic backup vocalists.
Lana del Rey performs stunning concert on Sept. 21, 2023 alongside talented dancers and angelic backup vocalists.
Photo Credit: Josh Weichman/Orion Ampitheater

Lana del Rey, a beloved alternative/pop artist came to Huntsville on Thursday, September 21 and there was a beautiful show with stunning graphics, fantastic lights and jaw-dropping dancers. 

Del Rey’s recording studio is based in Muscle Shoals but she has never performed in the 256 before. She announced her southeastern North American tour on August 22 and social media went wild. Fans on the western coast complained that she skipped over them and southern fans became ecstatic at the thought of seeing Lana del Rey locally.

Indie artist Zella Day opened for Del Rey at Orion Ampitheater and performed some songs from her new album such as “Radio Silence” and songs from previous albums like “Purple Haze”. While Zella Day isn’t as well known as Del Rey, she put on a wonderful show that showcased her impressive vocals.

The Orion Amphitheater was completely packed with her die hard fans. Her dancers, who call themselves “Lana’s Ladies” put on a mesmerizing performance with props, candles, mirrors, and more. Her backup singers for this tour are Pattie Howard, Melodye Perry and Shikena Jones who had parts in a fan favorite song such as “The Grants”.

Del Rey sang some classic hits such as “A&W”, “Ultraviolence”, “Video Games” and more. About 45 minutes into the concert, Del Rey took an abrupt intermission to go down to the front of the pit and interact with the audience. She signed autographs, took pictures and accepted gifts from the adoring crowd. Before she resumed the concert, she spoke about how much Alabama means to her and why she referenced Florence, AL in her song “Paris, Texas”.

Towards the end of the concert, she was going to sing “Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me” but she told the crowd that she wanted to end the night on a happier note because she was so appreciative to be in Alabama. She instead ended the night with the title song from her latest album, “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”.

“OK Huntsville OK Alabama, there’s a lot to say, but mainly thank you for being my happy place – thank you for a beautiful show,” Lana Del Rey said in a post on Instagram.

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