Top 10: Things to Not Miss at a Fair

Top 10: Things to Not Miss at a Fair

This weekend, students can choose between the Rocket City Fair or the Fayetteville County Fair, as a means to hang out with friends and enjoy all things fall. Check out our Top 10 to see what you shouldn’t miss at the fair this weekend. 

1. Ferris Wheel

The Ferris wheel is one of the most popular attractions at most fairs and parks, with good reason. Here’s the big three: it’s romantic, good for pictures and an amazing view. The excitement of the climb is unmatched.

2. Take Pictures

Like many teens, taking pictures is very important, not just for social media but also to preserve memories. Even if the memories don’t last forever the pictures will. 

3. Food

Fairs don’t have five star meals, but they have nostalgic food. They have funnel cake, corn dogs, hot dogs, burgers and more. Nothing brings more nostalgia than biting into greasy food surrounded by your friends.

4. Spinning Chair Swings

Spinning swings are fun for any age. They are a really fun experience because you can see the entire park from the swings. Spinning around with your friends makes you feel like a movie character. 

5. Play Games

The rides at the fair are fun, but let’s not forget about the games. The games are the perfect place to win bragging rights over your friends. You can also win things like stuffed animals, plants and even money from your friends.

6. Art gallery

Art galleries are the perfect place to discover new artists. It is also a great way to make friends who have the same or similar taste in art as you. You can even buy new art to place around your house.

7. House of Mirrors 

The mirror house is fun for most people. It is the perfect place for cool pictures and also a place to prank your friends. 

8. Fireworks 

Fireworks are another popular attraction during fairs. They can be enjoyed by all ages. They are very good for pictures and even the smell is nostalgic. Similar to the Ferris Wheel they are also romantic. 

9. Petting zoo

Petting zoos are very nostalgic. Even though petting zoos aren’t for everyone they still are some of the best attractions. They give a country and old timey feel to our modern fairs.

10. Live music

In a live concert, you can feel the music throughout your whole body. It gives you an up close and personal experience with the music. It is also a great place to get photos.

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