Sparking Controversy: The Office is Overrated
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Sparking Controversy: The Office is Overrated

The Office is a beloved television mockumentary sitcom series that many people enjoy.  However, it is a top 10 most overrated show ever released.  

As I have tried to watch the show numerous times, it was never ever the eye-catcher or had the humor that others would hype it up to be. Mildly funny at best it is a bore to watch a majority of the time.  In some ways there are iconic scenes between characters that have become popular memes within the online community, and there are a handful of funny scenes.

 But it was never just something I would think to myself as “OOH let me go watch some grown people work in an office.”  The things The Office lacks are the consistent humor and deep deep emotion.  This is not to say that it does lack humor and emotion, but it is just not as capturing.  I would much rather watch the show Friends which is filled with much more emotion and consistent humor.  

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