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Student Reviews Netflix’s “Murder Mystery 2”

Murder Mystery was released during June of 2019 on Netflix. With Lock down and Covid just beginning this comedy filled mystery movie was a huge success with Netflix users. The sequel is called Murder Mystery 2 was released March 31st of this year. 

These movies star Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Both these actors are widely loved and known to bring comedic relief to movies and shows. When put together they are the perfect pair. The first movie followed the main characters Nick and Audrey Spitz played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as they go on a cruise get away and are quickly thrown into a murder investigation that is surrounded by non stop action and adventure as they solve the murder. The second movie did not stray far from the same plot as the first movie. The couple are invited on another getaway but this time it is to the wedding of their rich friend Vick that takes place on his private island. They are soon thrown back into another murder mystery after Vick is kidnapped and his new bodyguard is found dead. Nick and Audrey quickly take on this mystery because they have found that this is their passion. 

Although it has the same basis as the first movie it adds in more dramatics this time. With exploding cars, fake deaths, and ziplining on the Eiffel Tower. Along with carrying over the comedy, giving us more of the much needed laughs from Nick and Audrey. Although the plot and actions in the movie are very unserious and unrealistic it adds to the comedic element and relaxed feel of the movie, making it a great late afternoon watch. Both the first and second movie are enjoyable watches that I would recommend to others who enjoy an unserious laugh.

Since these movies are a good hit with Netflix viewers I would not be surprised if they decided to make a third movie. With the great combo of comedy and thrill along with the pair of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston I would expect it to be another great watch. 

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