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As Taylor Swift begins her Eras Tour, students are ready to take to Atlanta and Nashville to see it live.

Swifties Gear Up For Eras Tour Shows

Popular singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, recently announced her Eras Tour on Nov. 1, leaving fans on the edge of their seats as they wait to see her live.

Junior Katherine Steel has been a loyal fan of Taylor Swift, or a Swiftie, since she could remember. Steel will be going to the concert on May 6 in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I am so excited that my first concert will be performed by my favorite artist.” Steel said. “I have been a fan of Taylor Swift since the Fearless album, which came out in 2009. My mom enjoyed her music so she played it for me and I have listened to her music ever since.”

Steel went through a whirlwind of emotions when she found out she was going to the concert, especially when there was a huge debacle for fans who tried to buy concert tickets.

“I was gifted with my tickets and I was in shock that my parents were able to get the tickets due to how many people who were trying to get them,” Steel said.

Ticketmaster, a website responsible for distributing concert tickets, has had backlash from Swift’s fans due to the website crashing repeatedly. Senior Malia Chitwood fortunately did not have any problems with purchasing her tickets but empathized with those who had issues with their ticket purchases.

“I literally screamed in class when I found out I got a ticket. It was such an exciting and nerve-wracking morning trying to figure out if I was going to be able to even get a ticket,” Chitwood said. “I bought my tickets before the site crashed, but I know several people who couldn’t get tickets because the site didn’t work. It’s just a little frustrating because Ticketmaster promised Taylor Swift they could handle this big of a sale and they didn’t deliver.”

— Malia Chitwood

Chitwood plans to attend the April 29 concert in Atlanta, Georgia and cannot be more excited for it. Unlike most teenagers, she paid for her ticket and will be paying for all other expenses pertaining to her weekend trip.

“This concert is a lot of planning on my part because I am not going with my parents,” Chitwood said. “I am having to pay for everything myself and figure out all the details. Where I am staying the night has been the most challenging to figure out because I won’t be old enough to get a hotel room without an adult with me.”

Swift has recently started re-recording and releasing her albums, such as RED and Fearless, that were previously signed under a music production company so she could have full ownership of them. Among the nine albums Swift owns, Steel’s favorites are RED and Midnights and she looks forward to hearing her play them live.

“I am most excited to hear her sing her old singles that she now owns,” Steel said. “Owning her music is an incredibly big deal and getting to sing it live is an accomplishment and hearing her live will make me appreciate songs that normally are not my favorite. I am so excited to hear the maturity in her music vs her old albums.”

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