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Valentine’s Day: Top Ten Rom-Coms

As Valentines Day rolls around there’s many ways to celebrate. Whether it be with your significant other, your best friends or even by yourself you can never go wrong with a good rom com. So grab your loved one or your bucket of ice cream and curl up on the couch and watch one of these top 10 rom coms. 

1.How To Lose A Guy In 10 days 

This movie came out in 2003 but will forever warm your heart. It stars two people who make a bet for the sake of their career, one thinking they can make anyone fall in love with them in 10 days and the other thinking they can make a guy leave in 10 days. But along the way their unintended love for each other messes up their plans. 

2. You’ve Got Mail

If you are looking for something different to change things up from your generic love story this movie will do the trick. The love interests start off only knowing each other online and under their pen name but unknowingly meet in real life oblivious that they are each other’s internet crush. Online they continue to fall in love with each other but in person they find that they despise the other due to their work companies being rivals. Eventually they realize who each other really are and put their work differences behind them. 

3. Crazy, Stupid, Love

When you’re looking for a laugh with a side of romance this movie is the one. Recently divorced, the main character Cal is lost in life and takes advice from young player Jacob on how to get the ladies. However what they don’t know is that Jacob has fallen in love with Cal’s daughter and has put his playboy days aside. 

4. The Proposal

If you’re looking for the classic fake relationship turns to real relationship trope this is the movie for you. The two love interests, Margaret and Andrew fake an engagement in order to avoid Margarets deportation to canada. However while faking their love for each other they slowly realize that it is real. 

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

This movie stars two sisters, the younger one Bianca wanting to date but the older one Kat getting the way. Bianca is not allowed to date until Kat gets a boyfriend so Bianca sets up a plan to make Kat fall in love with Patrick. Patrick goes along with it to help his best friend get Bianca’s attention. But what neither sister knows is that they have set each other up to fall in love. 

6. Always Be My Maybe

This movie stars two childhood best friends who stop talking for a little over a decade due to a falling out but reconnect when they are older only to realize their love for each other is still there. 

7. 13 Going On 30

In this classic romance movie young Jenna wishes she was “30 flirty and thriving” not knowing her wish would actually come true she is transported to her 30 year old self realizes she has become one of the mean girls she hated in highschool and is no longer best friends with matty, who she soon realizes she is in love with. Wanting to take her wish back Jenna is transported back to her 13 year old self and decides to do things right this time with her new found knowledge. 

8. Sweet Home Alabama

If you’re looking for a movie that hits close to home this one is it. It may follow the classic hallmark trope but it still manages to warm your heart. When Melenie gets engaged to New York’s eligible bachelor she must go back to her home town in Alabama to convince her childhood love that she married in highschool to divorce her but when he refuses she soon learns her real love is in sweet home Alabama. 

9. When Harry Met Sally…

The two main characters who met in college agree that friends can be strictly platonic but when they meet again 10 years later they soon take back that statement as they slowly fall in love with each other. 

10. The Holiday 

Two love depressed ladies decide to switch homes for the holiday to get a break from their loveless lives. They soon bump into two local guys who bring the much needed love back into their lives.

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