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Student Reviews Netflix’s “Wednesday”

In November of 2022 a new series was released called “Wednesday” following Wednesday Addams as she navigates through school and life as a teenager, facing typical teenage problems, but also a murder mystery. She is played by well known actress Jenna Ortega, who I think did an amazing job portraying all of Wednesday’s quirks. A few major differences from the new series and previous releases of the Addams family include that Wednesday is now a high school student. She appears to have psychic powers, the supernatural aspects of the world are well known, a deeper perspective into all of her relationships, and a more modern wardrobe. 

The show begins with Wednesday being “forced” to attend school at Nevermore, where her mother once attended. Nevermore is basically where all of the “weirdos’ ‘ and outcasts attend, yet when Wednesday arrived she still managed to be an outcast among them. She was introduced to her roommate who was of course her polar opposite, being full of energy and loving basically every color especially pink. Although there was an awkward start, their friendship development throughout the series was definitely one of the best parts. 

Many people were worried that this series would not live up to the previous Addams family versions, but after watching, I and many others think it did. Although it would likely help you understand why Wednesday is how she is, it is not necessary to watch the previous Addams family shows and movies to understand the plot. On that note, its plotline was interesting and you will never get bored while watching. One con could be that it can get confusing at times when the plot bounces from Wednesday’s time at Nevermore to her trying to solve mysteries, so you must always pay attention or you could get lost. The climax of the season did not feel rushed and it seemed to be the perfect amount of build up and suspense to the main question throughout the series.

All of the characters were well played and the actors and actresses did an immaculate job. I enjoyed the diversity of all of the new characters outside of the Addams family that were brought into the show. I also enjoyed how much depth each character had. The hand, Thing, was definitely one of my top five characters. He brings so much personality and emotion for being such a small portion of the body, I definitely believe he is much more than just a hand. My favorite episode or scene from the show would probably be the Rave’N dance when Wednesday did her signature dance moves in the middle of the dancefloor, despite everyone watching her.  I enjoyed how it showed that she isn’t swayed by what others thought of her and she isn’t afraid to be freely herself.

Warning contains Spoilers:

As I stated before, the lead up to the main question throughout the series did not disappoint. That being who the monster was and who was controlling it. When the monster in the show was revealed I personally was not surprised. The monster always seemed to resemble Tyler in a way to me and it felt that was the one expected thing to happen from the show. Mainly with the reason that it means Wednesday’s love interest would end up evil or at least a part of evil doings. What did surprise me was who was controlling him. I never expected Mrs. Thornhillto be behind it all. She always seemed like that nice teacher every outcast would love to have as a confidant. Looking back after finding out it was her, there definitely were some fishy scenes that could cause suspicion for her based on how she reacted to things

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