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Student Describes How Video Games Have Changed Through the Years

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Student Describes How Video Games Have Changed Through the Years

Video games over the years have changed consistently and drastically. Forty years ago in the ‘80s video games were brand new and eye-ogling. They changed the world and the ways in which people spend their leisure time. They were arcades and they were pixely with the quality being considered the best at the time.

Looking back on it from the present day, the ‘80s video games are now considered bad quality and less interesting. Video games today are cutting edge in design and production. They have a quality that makes them seem hyper-realistic. Within 40 years, video games went from being a million dollar industry to a billion dollar industry. Controls are way more advanced now. There are separate consoles with unique controllers with every console. They have 10 to 20 buttons that can be pressed to perform a certain action. An upgrade from the five to 10 buttons on the original arcade video games. They run smoother now because over the years the technology for video games has been upgraded,perfected and made better and better each year.

The change can be seen between remakes of old classics. Tomb Raider, for instance, was a classic in the early 2000’s and was revamped in the 2010’s. The quality upgrade within just 10 years was incredible. The series went from being a pixelated 2-D game to being a 3-D masterpiece that allows the player to admire the environment of the game because of massive software upgrades and better inventions made for video games

Controllers now allow players more ability to control and play games to their fullest potential. In the ‘80s there were buttons and knobs that could be mashed and pulled. In newer consoles and controllers, the buttons are more rounded and bounce back easier. The knobs are upgraded into joysticks which can move in a fully circular direction allowing for easier movement and mobility in games.

The impact of these changes have made video games more enjoyable and more sought after. Computers have always been sought after most video games considering how over 40 years the keyboard changed little and thus was always ideal for video games. Xbox and Playstation on the other hand have changed their controllers much throughout the years until they reached the controllers that are widely used and known today.

All in all video games have changed for the better over the years and so has the want and demand for them.

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