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Find Some Fun This Thanksgiving

Adults, preschoolers, and high school students alike will love these Thanksgiving games and activities that can be enjoyed before or after Thanksgiving dinner. Because on occasions when there is built-in entertainment, the laughs seem louder and the memories more plentiful. But even if your family isn’t into elaborate themes, there’s something fun to do on this list that will make Thanksgiving 2020 the most fun one yet.

Kameron Glenn

1.Turkey Tag

Create a turkey DIY clip and think of this cute DIY turkey clip as the hot potato: It gets passed around all day long by family members sneaking it onto the clothing of their unwitting relatives.

2.Harvest Bowling

Head to the local hardware or gardening store for enough hay bales to create your own personal driveway or backyard bowling lane. Don’t forget to buy some bowling pins, too!

3.Who’s the Baby?

Go digging in your family photo albums or ask guests to email you a photo of themselves as babies beforehand. Attach them to a board with numbers and then have everyone write down their guesses for each.

4.Craft a Family Tree

What better time to put together a comprehensive family tree than when the whole family is together? Using everyone’s fingerprints will make it even more meaningful. Use red and orange ink to give this craft a seasonal spin.

5.Thanksgiving Bingo

There’s nothing more classic than a round of Bingo. Give the game a Thanksgiving twist by downloading free printable Turkey Day-themed cards online. Celebrating virtually this year? Check out versions you can play on Zoom.

6.Gratitude A to Z

A twist on giving thanks that you can use to keep the conversation at dinner going: The first person must say something they are grateful for that begins with the letter A, the next gets B, and so on.

7.Ugly Thanksgiving Sweater Contest

Hilariously-awful clothing is not just for Christmas anymore.  Just give everyone enough notice to make their own turkey-themed top or to buy one.

8.Craziest Thanksgiving Socks Contest

Believe me, Turkey Day socks are a thing — and there are tons of adorable ones on Amazon alone.

9.Mini Pumpkin Hunt

On Easter, coming up with genius places to hide the eggs before the hunt is as fun for adults as finding the eggs is for kids. Same deal here, just using mini pumpkins instead of plastic eggs.

10.Dirty Turkey

If the whole crew won’t be together for Christmas, why not get a little gift-giving and stealing in early?


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