Sarah Chase

Tips for Scoring Success in Online School

  • essential. Each pen can represent a different class or provide, color changes if you get tired of using the same blue and black pens. I use them for notes and it is always helpful for me to organize my notes with color.
  • Notebooks: This is probably an obvious tip, but I am trying out notebooks for taking notes instead of loose leaf paper. I thought it would be easier to have my notes all in one place instead of in my binder rings where they can get ripped out or thrown away accidentally. Using a notebook for notes has not only saved space, but has also made my binder neater. 


Everyday things to do: 

  • Get ready: Taking classes online makes it easy to stay in bed and do work or not get ready at all. This can really damage your productivity, thus, making you fall behind. Waking up in the morning doing your routine, getting dressed, sitting at the table are all great ways to make sure you use all your potential to be successful in your classes. Do not wake up five minutes before your online class meeting and sit there with your camera off and on your phone. Get up and take on the day. 
  • Have an organized work space: A messy work space only makes Online school is new to most students this year and it can be difficult to figure out how to keep up with it. With this pandemic stopping face-to-face learning, here are some tips to make sure you are successful during this online learning. 


  • NOTION: I discovered Notion from a YouTube video providing tips for online school and it has been a life-saver for me so far. It is super easy to organize your classes. You can make different sections for all the classes you are taking and inside of those you can create templates to make sure you are organized, such as a notes template or course schedule template. I like to use it to write down all of my upcoming due dates and reminders and cross them out later when I finish them. 
  • Any Calendar app: Calendars, whether tangible or electronic, are always needed to accomplish the school year. The calendar app on my phone is the one that comes with iPhones and I love it. Many people like Google Calendar as well or any other calendar app that you can put due dates in or reminders of anything upcoming that you need to get done. 
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is a great app to provide online school aesthetics or tips. I would recommend using it for tips on note-taking. It has come in handy for me that way and provides resources that will help me have a great year.


  • Planner: If you are not the type of person that likes staying organized on your laptop or phone, then planners are definitely the way to go. Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, even Dollar General have some amazing planners. I got my planner from Hobby Lobby and it is the brand “The Happy Planner”. It is super fun and has different themes that you can buy. They are also really diverse and have activities to fill out inside. 
  • Colored Pens: Having different colored pens is a messy mind. Make sure to sit somewhere or organize your space where it is clean and makes you feel relaxed, yet, productive. 

These are all of my tips. I use all of these everyday and I have noticed that my motivation has increased and I am not lazy or not doing any of my work because of these things. Online school is also new for many teachers as well, so make sure to be patient with them as well as yourself. 

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