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The Crazy Rich Asians series addresses the culture of money in Asia.

Series Includes Humor, Romance and Hyperbole

The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy by Kevin Kwan creates a setting  where you can put yourself in their shoes to feel their pain, embarrassment, resentment and love all in one.

Rachel and Nick are the main characters who live in New York City. They take a trip to Singapore and everything starts to unfold from there. Believe or not they have “boujee” people who spend money like their life depends on it, hints the name Crazy Rich Asians. I can spend $20 and feel bad for even spending that much afterwards. Nick’s cousin Astrid will spend a million dollars to buy a piece of jewelry. All I can think of is “Do you know what I can do with a million dollars!?”.

Astrid Leong is like the queen B of the family and can do no wrong but once you read on Astrid may have a little bad side to her depending on how you look at it. It definitely shows a strong sense of tradition and family ties, it’s mostly based on rules and more rules. You could say or wear the wrong thing and it’s like you’ve shamed your whole family. Everyone tries to outdo everybody especially Eddie Cheng. If he didn’t get his way he would act like such a baby and try to sabotage the people around him, even family members.

If this book taught me anything it would have to be that being rich maybe isn’t what I thought it was when put this way. If you haven’t heard of Su Yi then I don’t know what to tell you because this right here is not your typical grandmother. She has stories of her revolutionary days and how she saved people. History is an interesting subject, so the stories told are actually pretty intriguing based off a history stand point of view.

Romance is definitely involved in the book. There was plenty of romance to go around because I was actually feeling loved and wasn’t meant for me at all. Not everything was lovey dovey if you consider Astrid Leong and Micheal Teo’s marriage. Michael was so conniving and all I know is would have dropped that man like a bad habit so quick. Drama is the true definition of this book.

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