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Check Your Halloween Bags for These Disgusting Treats

There are many different treats and things to get on Halloween, but these things are the worst of them all. 

Healthy candy alternatives-

There is nothing worse asking for candy only to be met with a gross box of raisins or some whole grain granola bar. A kid getting “ healthy candy”is one of the most demeaning things an adult can do. 

Almond Joys-

These coconut flavored chocolate pieces of death have been plaguing kids and teens’ Halloween bags for many many years. First invented and produced in 1946, these little candies have never been a joy for you to find  in your bag of candy. Most often, this candy is tossed and for good reason. 

Bit O Honey-  

The Bit-O-Honey is yet another Halloween candy that brings people great sadness when the find these little devils of disgusting mess in their Halloween bags. Bit-O- Honeys are made with almond and less than a gram of sugar. Much like the Almond Joy, this candy contains almonds. Yes, almonds make a great afternoon snack, but to make them into a candy is just a terrible idea.

Sugar Babies- 

These little chocolate balls of death have often brought much discomfort to many children. Sugar Babies have come with a multitude of problems. Not only are they extremely hard to chew, but they also get caught in your teeth and the after taste that is left in your mouth after eating one of these is just unbearable to the human mouth. 

Milk Duds- 

Another chocolate ball that is most displeasing to eat, and brings great sadness on Halloween is the Milk Dud. The thing that is probably the worst about Milk Duds is they are so popular and are really cheap. So, if you get these on Halloween, make sure to throw them out because they are not worth your time.

Circus Peanuts- 

Oh the Circus Peanuts. This candy is getting into the worst of the worst Halloween candies. These things have always been hated and I can not think of someone who actually likes them. For one, they taste like unflavored gum. They also taste like actual packing peanuts. These two tastes are not something you want to be tasting in your Halloween candy. If you get these on Halloween, give them to your younger siblings 

Bottle Caps- 

Bottle Caps are liked by most, but I think they are actually a disgusting candy. First off, the bottle cap flavors do not even remotely resemble their actual real life flavors. This is cause to pause before digesting this one. 

Butterscotch Hard Candies-  

Butterscotch is a flavor that should have never existed. This candy brings up a lot of memories for me as they were always at my grandparents’ house in a glass bowl and they were all stuck together. These memories of taking one and eating it brings back memories of tasting old Butterscotch,and for some reason pocket lint. These memories still haunt me when I see them in my Halloween bag. 

Candy Corn-

This candy was first made in the 1880’s. These candies have a very conflicted fan bas. On one hand, many people hate them and find them to be one of the worst Halloween candies ever. On the other hand, many love and adore them. This candy tastes like dried old frosting.  

Good and Plenty-  

This candy was formed in the fire pits of fire and brought up to bring much disgust and sadness to all those who ever mistake them for a grape flavored candy. Do not be confused or mislead. A Good and Plenty disguises itself as Black Liquorice. If you ever get this candy, make sure to throw it out immediately. Heck even burn it if you want, but just never eat it.    


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