Saylor Cuzzort

Hydro Flasks Make Us Jump Out of Our Chairs

If a Hydro flask falls in a classroom and there is no VSCO around to hear it, does it even make a sound? The answer is yes, it does make a sound, and the entire school hears it. 

There is no greater jump scare than the sound of this metal container striking the ground. Is it an air raid? Is it Iron Man? Is it a literal meteorite striking the school? No, it is merely the sound a Hydro Flask makes as it strikes the ground. This ear splitting, ground shaking sound simultaneously causes everyone in the room to jump out of their skin. There is no preparation, no warning, no notice. There is only the aftermath.

Of course, there is no real danger. The simple fact is that the sound is only a bottle hitting the ground. Some may call it the white girl grenade since it gives all the droppers the power to leave everyone paralyzed. 

The sound is difficult to describe. It is kind of like the Tinman falling down a flight of stairs or an explosion from a futuristic movie. Whatever it is, it is absolutely terrifying. The bottle seems to fall in slow motion. The time it takes from when the bottle leaves the desk to when it hits the ground is almost endless. It feels like a suspension in time with growing anticipation and dread. The sound is in no way enjoyable. However, anywhere there is a VSCO girl and solid ground, there is a chance that such a clamorous noise may occur. 

It is a captivating noise because it is so indescribable. It happens in a second, but leaves your chest sore and your hair standing on end. When a Hydro Flask hits the ground, it is hard to tell if it is a bomb or a bottle.

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