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Last Minute Promposal Ideas

April 18, 2017

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Last Minute Promposal Ideas

Here are some tips on how to do the cheap but sweet promposal ideas

1. If your man or your girl is the sporty type. Then sport promposal ideas are the ones for you.

  1. Examples can be: golf balls. Find enough golf balls on a golf course or borrow some. And spell out “Prom?” And you can do the same with tennis balls on a tennis court.

  2. Adding to the tennis one you can have a “yes” pile and a “no” pile and the person has to hit a tennis ball into whatever pile they wish

  3. Adding to the golf one, you can set up two fake holes a “yes” hole and a “no” hole and have them swing into the one of their desire

  4. Another sport one can be baseball. “I’m just pitching an idea. Prom?” And you have them pitch “yes” or “no” also you can write “yes” or “no” on the balls.

  5. Enough with the sporty stuff, let’s talk about food. There are many cute promposal ways you can ask with just food. It can either be fast food, food items, or just candy.

  6. One common promposal you can find out on the internet is Chick-Fil-A. The good ole’ “Will you be my chick at prom?” And you give them Chick-Fil-A.  Or “I know this is cheesy but” and have a pizza in which the pepperonis spell out “Prom?”

  7. You can always do a promposal with sushi. “Don’t want to roll with anyone else but you. Prom?” And give them a box of sushi rolls.
    9. Ask with chicken wings by saying “Never asked anyone to prom but I’ll just WING it” and give them chicken wings.

  8. The classic donut promposal “I DONUT want to go to prom with anyone else but you” and give them a box of a dozen donuts or just one whatever your budget is

  9. Some fruit ones are “I would be BERRY lucky if you went to prom with me” and you give them strawberries (any kind of berries would work.) Or the pineapple one “Out of all the fruits out there you are one FINE-Apple” and you give them a huge pineapple.

  10. There are plenty of candy promposal you can do. Some examples are “Be a smartie and take this DUM DUM to Prom?” And give them dum dums or smarties. Another can be with just suckers and say “Prom would SUCK without you”. Honestly you can just get a lot of candy bars and make a poster using the brand name.

  11. You can also use drinks for promposals. “Hey cu-TEA will you go to Prom?” And give them a liter of sweet tea or just tea in general. Or write on a coffee cup and say “PROM?” And have check boxes or yes or no.

  12. Last but not least just miscellaneous promposal ideas

  13. Use music. “If you’re reading this be my date. PROM?” (Drake themed)

  14. Have a new tack box and fill it with candies. Like gummy worms or Swedish fish.

  15. You can do a TV themed “Will you be my person?” (Grey’s Anatomy) have it on the background. Or “Prom will be Lend (wait for it) DARY with you?” (HIMYM) also in the background or FACT nothing BEETS taking you to prom?” (The Office) you have to have beets for this one.

  16. You could run five miles and spell out PROM.


  1. Have candles (preferably battery ones) and spell out PROM either in the driveway, a huge open space in your house, or the backyard.

2o. Fancy it up instead of just roses say “Be my guest at PROM?” and then give her roses.

  1. A homemade one can be pictures of you two and say “Can you picture us at Prom?” on a poster board.  

  2. But if all is lost and you can’t do any of these ideas or bounce off any of these ideas. Just get a poster board. Write an inside joke or something sweet and ask them to Prom. Trust me it’s better than a text.


Hope these helped!

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