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Over the past week, many students have had trouble focusing on their work

Student Reflects On Week Of Virtual Learning

The weight of teenagers having to become self-accountable and complete assignments at home has weighed heavily upon them this past week, as the Madison County school system transitioned into remote learning.

While we have begun in-person instruction again this week, the issues of last week have begun to weigh heavily on many students’ academic performance, even affecting their grades for the remainder of the year. This is for a variety of reasons such as distractions from home and the previously mentioned self-accountability. 

It can be extremely difficult to work on assignments from home, especially for teenagers, who are not even fully developed mentally. Although it can prepare them for some of the trials and tribulations of adult life, virtual learning is one of the currently hardest aspects of high school for students. Not only is it difficult for learners to complete schoolwork, but simply learning the material can be tremendously arduous on teenagers’ minds, as teachers are not there to include additional information that is extremely important in students’ development. 

Remote learning is largely similar to having teachers send home textbooks and answer questions from their pages. The students absorb nothing from what they are taught, not having trained professionals to properly explain the material to them. 

While most of the student body has an arduous journey attempting to learn material, as if attempting to push a square peg into a circle hole, that is not to say certain groups of students do not thrive in this environment. There are all types of students that make up the Madison County school system, and while some do have a burdensome time with remote learning, some are incredibly self-reliant and focused on their work.

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