CON: Trump’s Pick Not Suitable For Filling Ginsburg’s Shoes


Photo Credit: ©WFU/Ken Bennett

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg greets people at an event. Ginsburg’s death led to the debate over whether or not President Trump should be able to nominate a replacement.

In the wake of the tragic death of an American hero, judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the decision to replace her seat has arisen.

Twenty-nine times in history, a Supreme Court justice has passed in an election year. And as expected, all 29 times the President has used their rightful power to appoint a nominee that they want to the court however, the Supreme Court has not always voted on that nominee, and they do have the right to refuse to do so.

I am not here to say that President Trump should not have appointed a justice, because that argument does not do any good now that he has already done so, however I am here to say that Amy Coney Barrett is not the woman for the job.

Barrett has strictly followed conservative voting records in cases regarding discrimination, gun rights and immigration. President Trump has also vowed to appoint a justice that is ready to overturn Roe v Wade, therefore the conclusion can be drawn that Barrett is armed and ready to rip women’s rights to control their own bodies away from them.

Despite Barrett’s education and qualification, the scary thing is her association with People of Praise, a religious group that believes women should be subservient to men. An idea such as that being held by people in power is extremely dangerous and should not be allowed in our government. Ginsburg made decisions to progress the rights of women to be strong and independent. Coney’s beliefs go against those very rights of women being able to stand on their own.

And then there is the point to make that electing a new justice directly goes against the late Ginsburg’s dying wish. Her granddaughter confirmed that she did not want President Trump to fill her seat prior to the results of the election. While there is no legal requirement from him to not do so, he could at the very least show some morsel of respect for a woman who has fought so hard for equality for Americans in her lifetime.

Furthermore, if Barrett was elected to the Supreme Court, it would push the Republican appointees to outnumber the Democrats six to three. The entire idea of the Supreme Court depends on balance, and it would only be further thrown off. America is already in a state of division and President Trump is simply deepening the division with his nominee.

While the President insists that he has the right to elect a nominee because it is his “Constitutional duty” as a president elected by the people, this is simply not true. Anyone paying attention in 2016 would know that Donald Trump did not win the presidential election because of the popular vote, and therefore is not the president that the majority of the American people truly elected. And this is why the judge should not be appointed until after the inauguration on Jan. 20, that way the judge is under someone the people truly wanted in power.