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Is the parking lot scary to you? Well, it shouldn’t be. Parking is a simple process. When it comes to the parking lots you never know what could happen. There are so many different types of drivers and you never know for sure who you’re gonna get. In this list, you will see ten things that you should not do and hopefully, it’ll keep you safe and out of trouble.


  1. Starting here at number 10 with something simple. Don’t speed through the parking lot. That should be one of if not the first thing you should know not to do in a public parking lot. When in a parking lot, you should look for signs that say the speed limit but if there is not one just know that you shouldn’t go faster than 15 miles per hour. What’s the point of going fast anyway? You can’t even see anything. Just slow down man, you already missed three spots.


  1. Don’t cut people off. Another simple one. When you are trying to turn into the parking lot, don’t try to cut in front of someone. It is  first come first serve, you know that. Just wait and let the people before you do their thing and get out of the way. Easy, no problem.


  1. Don’t drive through the parking spaces. Okay, this one is kind of obvious but you never know. Just try your best to stay on the left or right side of each lane or in the middle depending on what type of lanes the parking lot has. Also, if pedestrians are walking in the lane just move your car over or honk if you need to.


  1. Don’t park on the lines. Yeah, pretty self explanatory. Don’t park too far over to where your wheels are on or past the lines marking the spaces. That makes it harder for the other drivers trying to get in. Try to be considerate of the other drivers if you want them to be considerate of you.


  1. Don’t text and drive. This one is something we have all heard before, but it is very important that you actually listen. You may think that it’ll be okay to look at your phone for just a second but in that second you could get into a crash with another car in the parking lot. It is also important to not look at your smart watches because it is just as bad as looking at your phone.


  1. Don’t ignore pedestrians. Please pay attention. If you hit someone you will be at fault because the pedestrian usually always has the right of way. Pay attention and watch for pedestrians while they are coming out or going in.


  1. Don’t back up without looking. If you are trying to back out or back into your spot please make sure you are watching your rear-view mirror at all times to prevent hitting something or someone. This is very important because you wouldn’t want a dent in your car or in the car behind you.


  1. Don’t take up multiple spots. Okay, we get it your car is nice but come on you don’t need two spots to show it off. Nobody is gonna think you’re cool. They’re just going to think you’re obnoxious. It’s the truth, just trying to warn you.


  1. Don’t take someone’s assigned spot. If there is a sign in front of the spot you should read it to make sure that it’s not assigned to someone else, and if it is, just find another spot. When it comes to handicapped spaces, please don’t park in them. That is very important. It would be inconsiderate of you to park there. Those spots are closer to the building for a reason. Just don’t.


  1. Finally we are here at number 1, the most important don’t of all. DON’T CRASH. You’d be surprised at how many car accidents happen in parking lots, around 20% (50,000) to be precise. With people doing all the things above there is sure to be accidents. Hopefully, you read this list and you will not be one of those people.

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