Student Dedicates Life To Karate

September 24, 2018

Austin Jennings is just a 16-year-old-boy, but he has dedicated his life solely to karate. This martial art is special to him in several ways, but one of these ways is based on following his grandfather’s legacy.

“I started karate when I was seven and was taken out shortly after,” Jennings said, “But after my grandfather passed when I was 14,  I wanted to do karate again and dedicate my life to it as well as compete. When I wanted to join I knew I’d be serious about it and also it would be in his honor.”

According to Jennings, he learns a lot more from karate than just different kicks and punches. Karate is used to learn certain talents that are not necessarily physical and mental but are more focused on how to respond in everyday situations and how to control and direct anger in a healthy way.

“It is a good way to cool down because if you are angry, you get to go punch stuff,” Jennings said, “And if you are happy, you get to go punch stuff, so it is just a win-win situation”

Along with learning quite a few things, Jennings is becoming a leader through a program at his dojo, Alexander’s Martial Arts, called leadership training. This program is teaching teens and adults how to become a leader later on and teach the kids who are just as passionate as Jennings.

“Karate is not teaching you how to be better than someone else,” Jennings said, “It is teaching you how to be better than you were before.”

Being in high school, students tend to plan out the rest of their life so that they can be prepared for life once they get out, but Jennings is not planning because he already knows what he wants. Because of his passion, he has already been able to figure out his future since before he even started high school.

“I could see myself doing karate until the day I die,” Jennings said, “This is my life.”

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