Teachers Of Sparkman: Jenifer Eaves

August 16, 2018

Crimson Crier: What is your favorite type of dog?

Jenifer Eaves: A german shorthaired pointer.


CC: If you weren’t a teacher, what would your career be?

JE: I would own an etsy shop and make things.


CC: What are your hobbies?

JE: I crochet, sew, like crafty things.


CC: What are your three favorite things in your classroom?

JE: I like my rocket poster, my planner, and my little date sign because it lights up.


CC:What three words would you use to describe yourself?

JE: Positive, organized, busy.


CC: What is your favorite month?

JE: May


CC: Where is your favorite place to shop?

JE: I’ll probably just go with Target. Target has everything.


CC: What is your favorite snack?

JE: Anything chocolate.


CC: Cookies or ice cream?

JE: Both. Cookies in my ice cream.


CC: Favorite day of the week?

JE: Tuesday.


CC: Do you speak any foreign languages?

JE: Not well.


CC: Do you use any teenage slang when you’re texting?

JE: No. Capitalized, periods, full sentences.


CC: What’s your favorite action movie?

JE: Die Hard’s a classic.


CC: Do you have any siblings?

JE: Yes. I have one older brother.


CC: What’s your lucky number?

JE: 11.

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