Senior Twins Plan To Attend Same College

May 18, 2018

Already having spent eighteen years together, twins Miles and Jarrod Wheeler have decided to spend four more years with each other in college. The Wheeler brothers have both been accepted to The University of North Alabama and plan to be roommates. They have both also been accepted as part of the Pride of Dixie band to further their music careers.

The fascination with music is something that was passed around in the family and hit both of the twins. They have been into music for as long as they can remember and once the chance came to be in the band at Monrovia Middle School they hopped on the opportunity.

“My passion for music is so high,” Miles said. “I’ve always had a passion for music and the arts even before sixth grade so I feel like the UNA band will help strengthen my passion for music.”

Miles and Jarrod have spent the last four years playing percussion in the band. While they spent time with both directors, Director of Percussion Jackson Albert has spent countless hours with them and has helped to adapt their talents to the percussion program.

“Miles and Jarrod have been an integral part of the percussion section they have brought outstanding character, leadership and performing ability to the band program,” Albert said. “I hate to see them leave but am excited for both of them for what’s ahead of them.”

Albert himself was a part of the UNA band from 2003-2008 and still uses some of the techniques that he learned there. As an alum, he is proud and excited for the twins to enter into such a collegiate program like the UNA band. He hopes that UNA offers them the kind of experience that he had if not something more and that they remember the points he has taught them and can pass them on to others.

“The UNA Band provided me outstanding performance and learning opportunities,” Albert said. “I can only hope that I have provided an environment in which they could reach their full potential as musicians and young adults.”

Miles and Jarrod drove to UNA on May 6 to audition for the band. Miles auditioned for Snare Drum while Jarrod went for Bass Drum. The band is part of the reason why they wanted to attend UNA for their academics.

“I wanted to be apart of a well-known drumline and band,” Jarrod said. “I first watched them in 2014 when they performed their marching band program and it was amazing.”

This audition process took hours upon hours of preparation. They practiced and performed runs of music for each other just as if it was the real audition, which only got them ready to receive actual critiques from the judges. This serves to show that hard work does pay off as Miles and Jarrod are now ready to start UNA Summer Percussion Camp this summer and move into the season this Fall.

“The hard work and talent that the band has is so impressive and I wanted to be apart of that environment,” Jarrod said. “I’ve been wanting to be apart of this for years and it feels great to know that I will be with a line filled with talent and dedicated players.”


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